High School Summer Camp at Ojai Valley

Location: Ojai Valley
Dates: July 15 – 27, 2012
Rates: Starting from $349

At High School Summer Camp at Ojai Valley your campers will connect with peers and leaders on a deeper, more spiritual level. Through a variety of intentionally designed programs and activities, each camper will have an opportunity to make decisions for Christ and discover who God has made them to be. Your high schoolers will learn to care for and respect others while living in community, participating in small groups and enjoying team games.

This summer we will meet Steel Falcon, a band of four childhood friends who have been together for years. They’ve had hits and not-so-hits. They’ve experimented with various genres–pop, rock, country, folk, hip-hop and more. As their story unfolds, we discover who they really are.

As we learn about Steel Falcon, we will answer Jesus’ question, “Who do you say I am?” Students will grow in their relationships with Jesus as they learn to proclaim Him as the Messiah.

Away from the routine of ordinary life and immersed in the excitement and adventure of summer camp at our Ojai Valley location, high schoolers will be invited to explore the ways faith in God impacts everything they do and the way they themselves can impact the world for Him.

As a parent or church leader, we invite you to find out just how much camp can impact and change your high schoolers as they grow and transition into Christ-following young adults.

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