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College Program @ Forest Home

Grow Deeper with Christ and build community while completing your studies!

If you are a college student enrolled in an online program this coming semester and would like to complete your classes while living at Forest Home, we have the perfect opportunity for you.  We are starting 6 week sessions, beginning in August, where you can focus on your studies, live at camp, have community, grow deeper in your relationship with God, and volunteer to make a difference at Forest Home.  During your session, school will be your priority.  While not attending your classes or studying, Forest Home will be investing in your spiritual walk and you will be volunteering your time at camp in a variety of much needed projects.


Forest Home is now accepting applications for the first two sessions:

Session 1 is August 24th to October 2nd

Session 2 is October 12th to November 20th

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students and where will we be staying?

For our first session, Forest Home will be accepting 14 students. Students will be living in our Hospitality and Cramer buildings.  Students will live two to a room and share common spaces and a common kitchens.  Both houses have large rooms, kitchens, and shared space.

Is anything happening other than school and work?

Forest Home believes that spiritual growth and community is of the utmost importance and will be offering various ways for students to grow spiritually and engage in community.  Students will be in small groups, engage in fun activities on and off campus, and learn from camp experts on non-profit ministry topics during a weekly gathering.

What is the food situation?

All students will be on their own for all meals and snacks.  Forest Home will provide fridge, freezer, and shelf space for students to store their food supplies.  There is a large kitchen in Woodlands that will allow all students to prepare their meals.  Students are also welcome to get food off the hill.  All silverware and cookware will be provided.

How will I be doing school?

Students will be staying on our Lakeview property at Forest Home.  Lakeview is the perfect study place.  School work will be the priority for all participants and camp projects will be scheduled around school needs.  There is high speed internet that will be more than adequate for all students.  What better place to study than on the porch overlooking the Lake at Forest Home and the majestic mountains in the background.

Do you require social distancing or masks?

Forest Home is currently following all state restrictions in this season.  Since students will be living in shared quarters, they will be not be required to social distance from one another.  This means that masks are not required for students when they are in their gender specific residence.  When students are in other Forest Home buildings with staff, they will be required to wear masks.  Any Forest Home staff entering residences will be wearing a mask.

Forest Home will require all students to sign an additional Covid release form prior to staying, as well as conducting an intake questionnaire to confirm no compromised immune systems or fevers. Forest Home is following all county guidelines.  If a student contracts Covid we will require them to quarantine.  Based on the situation, this will range from the student going home for the minimum number of weeks, or possibly all students returning home.

What is the cost?

There is no monetary cost for this program.  However, students will be required to purchase their own meals, gas, and any amenities.  In exchange for living space, every student will be volunteering their time each week for various projects around camp.  This much needed help is what is required for Forest Home to open up strong in the future.

Can I bring a vehicle?

Yes.  Students are welcome and even encouraged to bring their own transportation. There is adequate parking in a secure area. 

What do I need to pack?

You will be living on your own for 6 weeks.  You will need to provide your own twin sized bedding, towels, and everything else to survive. Full laundry is provided on site at no cost.  Groceries stores and Target are less than 30 minutes away.  Since students will be the only people on campus, they are welcome to bring a mountain bike.

What kind of Volunteering is required?

Students will be assigned volunteer projects based off their school schedule and skills.  We currently have needs in the following areas:

  1. Organization of areas
  2. Construction team
  3. AV and IT oversight
  4. Landscaping needs
  5. Housekeeping needs
  6. and various other areas

What is expected of me?

Students will be expected to focus diligently on their school work.  In the times they are not doing school, students will be volunteering their time at camp.  Before acceptance, a Forest Home staff member will discuss individual volunteer expectations with each student.  Students will be required to sign and follow the Forest Home Code of Conduct which includes but is not limited to: no alcohol, no drugs, living above reproach, and not crossing any Biblical boundaries of marriage.

How do I sign up?

You can apply by clicking the button below.  After applying a Forest Home staff member will call you for your interview.


Applications are due by August 10th and all students will be informed by August 14th.  Be aware, acceptance letters will be sent as interviews are conducted.  There is a possibility all spaces will be full prior to August 10th, so please apply earlier.

Admission Questions?

CONTACT: Kelsey Copeland

EMAIL: kelsey.copeland@foresthome.org

PHONE: 909-253-8112