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Current Health Concerns

Family Serve Opportunity

Make an Eternal Impact with Your Family at Forest Home!

For the first time in 83 years, Forest Home could not operate Family Camp this summer due to the impact of the Coronavirus.  While we trust the Lord in this season, we grieve the lost opportunity to minister to your family.

Though Forest Home cannot run Family Camp, we are offering an amazing opportunity for your family to serve the Lord together and make an eternal impact for children and youth to hear about Jesus. Forest Home has many project needs that make amazing family service opportunities to prepare Forest Home for summer camps next year!  In fact, we can’t do this without you given the current financial constraints upon the ministry. There are two major projects underway where we could use your help.  All project work will be outside and allow for appropriate social distancing between families.

Forest Home’s new Children’s Camp Center, Wild Rock, is almost finished.  The new field is complete and the new dining canopy was just installed last week!  We have painting, cleaning and decorating projects that still need to be completed.  We also need to outfit many areas around camp with the new turn-of-the-century theming elements.

The Youth Expansion and Improvement Project just launched. This project allows Forest Home to reach an additional 2,000 middle school and high school students each summer (a 40% increase) and allows for additional lodging and amphitheater space if social distancing requirements are still necessary next summer. The majority of this project includes restoration to 25 platform tents, which involve sanding, power-washing, and painting.


Don’t miss this fantastic family opportunity to serve the Lord together in God’s beautiful creation at Forest Home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will we be staying?

All families will be staying in our Cedar Ridge facility.  These new buildings have A/C, wifi, bedding, and full kitchens. For layouts and photos of our Cedar Ridge Facility, click here, and select Cedar Ridge from the Housing section.

The Cedar Ridge units have 2 separate bedrooms in each private unit. Units can sleep between 5 and 7 people.


You will be required to clean your own cabin before you leave, including laundering beds sheets and towels. All cleaning supplies will be provided along with a cleaning checklist.

What is the food situation?

Forest Home is currently closed in this season and we are not preparing or serving food. All families will need to bring and prepare their own food in their lodging’s kitchens.  The Cedar Ridge kitchens are stocked with pots, pans, cooking utensils, dishes and silverware.

Is the pool, lake, or ....... open?

None of our staffed recreation areas will be opened.  This includes the Lake, Pool and Canyon Park. Available activities will including taking a hike, playing in the creek, and using the field and mini-golf course. If you want to cross the creek, you can use our newly renovated suspension bridge!

Do you require social distancing or masks?

Forest Home is currently following all state restrictions in this season.  Given this, all projects will be outdoors.  While working outdoors, masks are only required while working within 6-feet of someone not in your family unit.  Since families will be traveling together, and since we are not offering gatherings or meals, social distancing will naturally take place.

What is the cost?

Forest Home is not charging for these stays.  We simply cannot prepare camp for next year without your support.  Given our current financial situation without camp revenue, Forest Home welcomes any donation to help purchase project materials.  Tent conversions cost $2,000 each while simple painting projects average $100. Whatever gift, if any, is greatly appreciated.

Wait, I can bring my family and it's free?

Yep, we are grateful for the work you are going to do. 

What do I need to pack?

We have bedding for all beds.  You will need to pack all your own food.  We also recommend plenty of water, sunscreen, insect repellent and some boardgames for your family evening times.

Can we bring friends?

This is a perfect small group activity with other families. If you bring additional families, you will be placed in the same Cedar Ridge building, though separate units.  Only your unit will have a full kitchen, while your friends’ unit will have a mini fridge, sink and microwave. Given this, your friends will need to use your kitchen for most food storage and preparation.

Do we have to be previous family campers to come?

Not at all.  We would be grateful if this is your first visit to Forest Home. But as you stay on the property and fall in love with it, we hope you visit us on a retreat in the future.

How do we sign up?

Donny Dix will be coordinating all stays and volunteer projects.  His contact info is located to the right.  He will reserve your stay and send you a simple medical release form to fill out.

Can I just show up to help?

In this season of closure, Forest Home has taken many steps to secure the property while it is not being used by campers. As a result, many of the normal entrances are locked and are regularly monitored for unauthorized persons on camp. It is critical that you coordinate with us prior to coming so that we can make all the necessary preparations.  All guests who are staying with us will receive a wristband upon arrival.


CONTACT: Donny Dix

EMAIL: donnyd@foresthome.org

PHONE: 909-389-3493