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The Lord Jesus taught us the important of rest, reflection, and fellowship. Have you had the chance lately to engage in those things? Have the adults in your church had the chance to get away, deepen friendships and renew their relationship with their Creator?

Forest Home offers several retreat options for adults that take the guesswork out of planning a getaway for the members of your church. With nationally-recognized speakers, comfortable accommodations, heartfelt worship, six prepared meals, thrilling recreation options and media downloads included, these retreats are sure to offer something for everyone. Consider a weekend at Forest Home to get away from the distractions and focus on what’s really important.

Women’s Spring Retreat:

Women’s ministry is incredibly important to Forest Home and we want to continue to bring excellence to all that we do, so we have strategically combined our two women’s retreats (Spring and Fall) into one annual women’s retreat which will take place in the fall of 2020.

See the information below regarding our Women’s Fall Retreat. It will be the weekend of October 16th – 18th, 2020 so mark your calendars.

Women’s Fall Retreat:

Fellowship is so important on this faith journey. Are you looking to deepen your friendships with like-minded women in your community? Could you use some time away to refresh your mind, soul, and body? How about some time to let your soul breathe as you seek the Lord away from all of the distractions of daily life?

Our Fall Women’s Retreat at Forest Home is the perfect balance of rest, fellowship, relaxation, learning, and fun. As Fall ushers in a new season in the San Bernardino mountains, you will have the opportunity to indulge in some pampering (massage, anyone?), be encouraged in your walk with God, and make memories with other women as you do crafts, dine on delicious food, and enjoy the many recreation options we have to offer. Whether it’s hiking or journaling, chatting over coffee or sleeping in, you are sure to find what you need in a weekend getaway. If you would like more information about attending or bringing a group of women to this retreat, CLICK HERE.

Marriage Retreat:

How would you describe your current season of marriage? Are you a seasoned veteran, looking to maintain the romance? Are you a newlywed, eager to start your marriage off right? Or maybe stuck between that rock and hard place, but you long for something deeper?

A Marriage Retreat at Forest Home can be a gift to every marriage, no matter the season. Couples can put aside all distractions and give each other the gift of time in a beautiful mountain setting. A retreat provides the opportunity to worship, relax, learn, and play together. All of the details have been thought through with intimacy in mind, from the engaging speaker and intentional activities to the delicious food and comfortable accommodations. CLICK HERE.

Men’s Retreat:

Do you need to just get away so you can focus on God’s calling in your life? Are you looking to forge a bond with like-minded men from your church? Maybe you’re in need of some down-time or could use some encouragement?

The Men’s Retreat at Forest Home is designed for guys who are ready to be challenged and renewed. An engaging speaker will provide inspiration to live a courageous life as a leader in your sphere of influence. A wide variety of recreation options will fulfill your need to let loose and have fun, whether you’re up for the Sky Trail, hiking, careening down the Zip Line, or challenging a friend to a game of horseshoes. (All of which are sure to work up your appetite for the hearty meals our skilled staff prepares for you!) Of course, you can take downtime as you need it for times of reflection and prayer, and make time for those deeper conversations that cultivate fellowship. For more information about attending this retreat as an individual, group of friends, or church men’s group, CLICK HERE.