Melissa GalbanForty degree weather and frozen fingers only remind me of one thing… Winter Camp! Here at Forest Home the winter months are filled with students from all over the Southwest gathering to worship Jesus, make new friends, and enjoy the great outdoors. In 2017, we expect to host over 4,000 students and their leaders at Children’s, Junior High, and High School Winter Camps.

    Our Children’s Winter Camp is a 2-night retreat designed for elementary students to go on an adventure of a lifetime in which they will be transformed by God. This season we’ve remodeled Mountain View Hall into a spaceship, where kids will have an opportunity to be transported into the glorious galaxies that God has designed and get to be a part of supersonic skits and cosmic team competitions!

    Over at Forest Center, just below the snow tube run, young believers and their friends will gather each weekend to REFOCUS. We invite the best youth directors and speakers and plan outrageous games and activities so students can get away from their day to day and encounter Jesus. At this weekend retreat we’re going to lift our faces up from our phones to see all that God has planned for us!

    I know I might be a little biased, because it was years ago at Winter Camp that I first met Jesus, but you have got to come or be sure your children come and be a part of this! A number of weekends are already sold out, but you can still register on our website at And don’t worry, we’ve got hot chocolate to keep you warm!

– Meadow