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Especially for kids like the ones that Los Angeles Police Department Officer Jesse Ruiz brings to camp each summer.

Officer Jesse grew up in foster care from age 2 to age 18. As a young boy, he had a chance to come to Forest Home where he made a decision to trust in Christ at “Indian Village,” our camp for third and fourth graders.

Today he works with local school principals in south Los Angeles to give kids the chance to attend a week of camp at Forest Home at no cost to them.

One of those principals, Miss Turner said,

“Camp matters because it changes lives. Period.

“The community that we serve is one of the most challenging in the city of Los Angeles. The crime rate is extremely high with a lot of gang violence. Unfortunately, we are also in an area where we have a lot of prostitution. So, our kids face challenges just getting from home to school.

We’re talking about kids who have not ever gone outside of a five-mile radius of home. They’ve never seen the ocean. Never seen a forest. They’ve never been up a mountain, let alone [had] some of [these] experiences and the opportunity to learn about God and about Jesus.”

The kids describe the difference between their neighborhood and Forest Home this way:

“[Our neighborhood] is a place where cops are chasing down crooks. Gunfire goes on. Sirens go off. It is really hard to grow up in a city that’s like that.”

“Forest Home is so peaceful. Nothing happens there, there is no gunfire or anything.”

“Where I live you can’t go swimming. You can’t climb mountains.”

Officer Jesse said:

“I’m all about leaving [the kids’ daily] environment [behind] and taking them to a place that is completely different . . . a safe, captivating experience. I try to . . . give them the opportunity to go to Forest Home and hopefully open the door for them to accept God in their lives.

“All the time people say thank you to me, but I just had the idea. If you guys didn’t have the funding . . . it wouldn’t happen . . . so it is your supporters who deserve the thanks, not us.”

Every year faithful believers like you make it possible for over 2,500 children, youth, and adults to come to camp—people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to come without financial assistance.

How does it work?

You can become a Camp Matters Monthly Partner with a gift of only $19 per month, which will add up to provide a scholarship for one child or youth for a whole week of camp. You can also make a difference in the lives of two kids with a monthly gift of $38 or five kids with a monthly gift of $95!

For your convenience, your monthly gift can be charged to your credit card automatically, strengthening your partnership in the Gospel.

Any amount you give will help another camper hear the Gospel at Forest Home and make a decision to follow Him.

Become a Camp Matters Monthly Partner today.

Please be as generous as you can . . . so that others can hear about the love and hope found in Jesus.


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