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“I just made Jesus my friend.”Give Now

Words like these from seven-year-old Misty at camp last summer are what Forest Home is all about!

But, not every Misty is able to come to camp.

It takes the faithful prayers and gifts of financial support to help kids like Misty get to camp . . . kids who might not have any other way to hear about God’s love for them. Year after year, caring people send hundreds of kids, teens, and adults to camp to have fun and hear about Jesus.

Here’s Misty’s story, told by her camp counselor last summer. Her name has been changed, but her story is real.

A little girl named Misty was in my small group. Her parents are drug dealers at the motel where she lives. She was addicted to methamphetamines at birth. Our church has a motel ministry, and I am so glad that someone invited Misty to come to camp.

CampershipsFrom the first day of camp, I could tell Misty had a heavy heart. It is not an exaggeration that she didn’t sit still for more than 30 seconds. Each day during group time, she ran around. Often she would run off with one of us not far behind and grab a ball to play with. We were exhausted from running after this little girl all day.

We thought she might just run around all week, but on Thursday something changed. Misty started to slow down. We were able to talk with her about Jesus and what it means to follow Him.

Another counselor gave Misty a Bible. They talked for a long time. The cutest thing Misty did that day was when she went to the first page of Genesis and highlighted the word “God” every time she saw it.

And by the end of the week, Misty made a commitment to follow Jesus! When we asked her what she learned during camp, she said, “God is the Father, Jesus wants to be with me, and the Holy Spirit lives inside me.” Later that afternoon she came skipping over and said, “I just made Jesus my friend.” Then she told everyone around her about her new friendship with Jesus.

Doesn’t Misty’s story bring tears to your eyes? By God’s grace, this little girl was able to come to camp and find the hope and love of God. Her simple profession of faith still rings clearly: “I just made Jesus my friend.”

People like you are a critical link in Misty’s story. This little girl wouldn’t have experienced that life-changing week at camp without someone like you who offered her a camp scholarship.

Your gift today will make camp a reality for children like Misty who are eager to hear about Jesus and make Him their friend.

Your gift can rescue a teenager from drugs, alcohol, sexual addictions, peer pressure or self-harm . . . and lead them to surrender their broken heart to Jesus.

A marriage will be restored . . . a man will equipped lead his family as a godly husband and father . . . a busy young mom will move from struggling to survive to thriving again.

Please be as generous as you can . . . so that others can hear about the love and hope found in Jesus.

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