God has been so faithful to Forest Home. In 2016 we had the privilege of sharing the Gospel with 47,103 children, youth and adults. Over 5,000 campers indicated they made a first-time decision to follow Christ or a significant decision to walk by faith in Christ in an area of their life. Praise God for all He did through our collective partnership at Forest Home!

Though I spend much of my time on the mountain at Forest Home, I wanted to share with you about a recent missions trip up a smaller mountain. God opened a door for my son and I to serve together in the Dominican Republic. Once we arrived, we trekked for miles up a rugged trail to view the natural spring water source for a remote village of 250 families. This village needed clean water, but they did not have the means to provide it.  For years, they endured early childhood diseases and deaths from polluted water and they lacked the quantity of water to grow needed crops.  God worked through the mission team, Food for the Hungry organization, and the men from the village who provided the arduous labor to complete the 3.5-mile clean water system. 

The last day of our trip, I heard the village testimonies.  I saw the tears.  I experienced their joy. I reveled in the relationships. Clean and abundant water! A village transformed. A people with new hope.
While watching and listening to the villagers, Jesus reminded me of His promise, “whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” The gift of clean and abundant living water… forever? Streams of eternal and living hope? Though the cost of the sacrifice was far greater than the work and finances to install a 3.5-mile water system… all we must do is drink?

Friends, let’s rejoice in this truth today. Let’s drink deeply from this everlasting and lavishly abundant spring of life found only in Jesus Christ.

Clean and abundant water!

– Gary