Outdoor Adventure Camp at Ojai Valley

Is your class or school looking for a way to make science come alive in the great outdoors? Could your students benefit from a break from the classroom to experience God’s Creation first-hand?

Outdoor Adventure Camp at Ojai Valley is where education comes alive for your students at a unique, custom-made programmed retreat. At our beautiful conference center located just 15 miles from the coast, your students will learn through a rotation of informative sessions, engage in team building activities, and enjoy identifying local wildlife. Outside the bounds of a classroom, they will learn skills such as using a compass, navigating maps, and identifying constellations.

In the midst of God’s Creation, your students will be challenged in their spiritual journey through morning devotions, solo quiet times, journaling, and inspirational evening gatherings. The Gospel message is modeled by caring staff who believe in encountering God with the heart and the mind.

The details of your Outdoor Adventure Camp experience can be tailored to fit the needs of your group. The variety of science lessons, choices of recreation, and length of your stay can all be modified to your specifications. (Keep in mind that some options are limited depending on the season and the weather.)

Call us to book your Outdoor Adventure // 805.715.6053