40000 Valley of the Falls Drive
Forest Falls, CA 92339

Why Choose Forest Home Ojai Valley?

Ojai Rates Info

Housing Type 1n / 3m 2n / 5m 3n / 8m 4n / 11m 5n / 14m 6n / 17m
Tents $101 $135 $182 $234 $285 $336
Cabins $130 $174 $236 $287 $338 $390


• Based on number of nights (N) and number of meals (M)

• For additional options call 909-389-4487 or email david.roberts@foresthome.org

Ojai Forms Info

Payment Guidelines:

All deposits are non-refundable and due at the time of registration.


Payment Deadlines:

• The full balance is due no later than one month prior to the retreat

• Any cancellation within 30 days forfeits full payment

• At the discretion of Forest Home, prices are subject to change at any time

• If you are a church or group and have signed a contract, please refer to your contract for payment guidelines


Please contact David Roberts // david.roberts@foresthome.org // 909-389-4487