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Forest Home Online Tutorial

We are so excited to utilize online registration for your group. The following tutorial will walk you through the process of seeing your group, editing your rosters, seeing who has completed their forms, and making sure you are all ready for camp!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 7.29.58 PM Go to https://mycircuitree.com/ForestHome/Account and login in with your email address and password. If you do not know your password, you can always request a new one will be sent to you.
Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 7.34.48 PM Once you have logged in, click on “View Itineraies”


Click on “Manage Roster”


When you are looking to register someone in your group, you have two options. Itinerary Links or Request Codes.

  • Itinerary Links allows you to create a single URL that permits anyone to sign up that clicks the link. This is the link you would place on your website, Facebook, or email mailing.
  • Request Codes are one-time codes, that only allow a specific person to sign up. You will need to create a different Request Code for each individual you want to sign-up, but this gives you complete control of who can register. You can email these codes directly from the registration system.


Option #1 Itinerary Links

Picture2 Next to Itinerary Link, click “Copy It!” Click the link and copy to your clipboard Distribute link to Attendees for your Event


Option #2 Request Code





Click Public to turn the Event to Private




Under the Event Division, click “Invite”





Select “Send Request Code”


Enter Email Address and Attendee Name and click “Send Request”

Now that you have provided someone with a registration link, they can create their own login that will be used for all future registrations at Forest Home. If you are having any troubles with this process, please contact our Reservations Department at 909-389-4488.


How to see who has completed forms

One of the best parts of online registration is the ability to quickly see who has completed their med forms and who has not.  By law all guests must complete a medical form before arriving to camp.  An issue we have seen in the past is the single missing form from a student, or sometimes a parent completes an entire med form, only to forget a single signature.  With online registration, you can check before you arrive if your church has a financial balance and which students haven’t filled out their forms.  And remember, forms don’t have to be filled out every year, once a parent fills out they form, they only need to update a form if there has been a change!


 11 When you log into the “Manage Roster” of your event, it will list your group as well as everyone that has registered.  The reason it lists your church first, is it will show how many “remaining” spots you have that have not been used by your guests.  In the photo to the left, this church has 107 open spots, and 3 students registered for a total of 110 spots.
 Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.05.25 AM On the left side of the screen is a “Filters” section.  From here you can narrow your Roster to just males or just females, those that have completed med forms and those that have not, and a few others.  One of the most common searches is “who hasn’t filled out a medical form yet?” To do this, click the box next to “Not Completed” under Medical Forms.  Then click Apply at the bottom, and the page will refresh with just the group members that have not completed their forms.
 2 After clicking the “Apply” button you can see that ‘Johnny Doe’ is the only student that has not completed their medical form.  You can now email or call Johnny’s parents to fill out the form, or you can print this page and let these students know at your next meeting to fill it out.  A great suggestion, is to print this page the night before your event and as parents drop students off, you know which parents to speak to and get them to fill the form out at your church.