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Since 1938, we have seen God move in the lives of countless millions. Our chapel is filled with books–literally thousands of pages of personal history where guests write out their decisions, prayers, and cries to God. Thank you for your heart to pray for this ministry and to join us as we ask God to work even more powerfully through the ministry of Forest Home to future generations!

Pray for safety of all campers and staff as they engage in the many outdoor adventure activities at Camp Eagle camps.

Pray for salvation of all campers and staff as they engage with the Word of God at Camp Eagle camps.

Pray for safe travels for all campers, parents, summer staff and camp leaders as they journey to and from camp.

Pray for the hearts and minds of youth that they will receive God’s message and plan for their lives.

Pray for wisdom and guidance as we work through issues and resolves conflicts with parties who seek to counter or limit God’s work at Camp Eagle.

Pray for emotional or spiritual needs of campers and that God will reveal those to our staff and counselors and that they will find the right words and deeds needed effectively help them.

Pray for summer staff and counselors who interact with campers for wisdom and inspiration as they impart the Word of God to campers.

In 1949, Billy Graham came to Forest Home immediately prior to his great Los Angeles Crusade, doubting the authority of the Bible and unsure of his calling. One evening Billy found himself at an impasse with only weeks before his Los Angeles Crusade. He wandered off into the evening following a trail into the woods. Reaching a personal crisis, Billy prayed and offered himself fully, mind, body, and soul, for the Lord’s work by faith. He prayed, ‘Father, I am going to accept this as Thy Word—by faith! I’m going to allow faith to go beyond my intellectual questions and doubts, and I will believe this to be Your inspired Word!’ Billy wrote in his autobiography that as he stood up his eyes stung with tears, but he felt the power and presence of God in a way he hadn’t in months. ‘A major bridge had been crossed,’ he said. The resulting change did not go unnoticed. The next day he spoke at Forest Home, and 400 people made a commitment to Christ. Forest Home Founder Henrietta Mears remarked that he ‘preached with authority’ that she hadn’t seen before from him.

MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT – God Speaks in answer to prayer

In the 1960’s Scott came to camp at Forest Home. He had a Christian friend who prayed and asked him to attend camp. Scott kept telling him no; however, his friend was relentless and kept asking. Finally Scott agreed to come, though he would only come if there was a liquor store nearby.  At that time, Scott lived his life vicariously surfing, smoking, drinking alcohol, chasing girls and doing whatever he felt like doing.

When he got to camp he was excited to see there were cute looking girls but was completely disengaged with the speakers and others around him.  He would hear the gospel and the call for decision but it did nothing for him.  He visited the general store to pick up liquor & cigarettes several times during the week. One night he couldn’t sleep and he went out of his cabin for a smoke in the middle of the night. It was there that God met him. Suddenly his hard heart had a radical, unexpected change. He felt as if God reached down and touched him with a direct hit.

That night Scott got down on his knees and accepted Jesus into his heart in the middle of the woods.  He was never the same from that moment on. He went home and told his family about his decision for Christ and his whole family ended up receiving Christ. He has lived his life for Christ from that moment at Forest Home and God has blessed his life in bountiful ways.

God answered the prayers of Scott’s friend and those prayers impacted not only Scott, but all of Scott’s family for generations to come!


More than 50,000 children, youth and families are reached with the gospel every year at Forest Home
campers will make first-time decisions to follow Jesus Christ
campers will make other life-changing decisions that will impact their walk with Christ
On average, Forest Home awards
$450,000 a year
in camperships to 2,400 recipients


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