40000 Valley of the Falls Drive
Forest Falls, CA 92339

Current Health Concerns


Safety is Our Top Priority

We are excited to continue our mission for campers to Encounter Jesus, Experience Transformation and Engage the World this summer at Forest Home

In order to provide you a safe and healthy camp environment in this season, we have implemented the following enhanced health and safety measures.


Family Camp

All Family Camp Gatherings will be taking place at Victory Circle.  This giant outdoor space has room to spare to handle even our largest weeks of family camp.  There will be cushions provided to sit on, and you are encouraged you to bring your own if you have a favorite stadium chair backing.


A new outdoor amphitheater has been built on our Lakeview Field and all gatherings will be held here. With the large stage, sound system, lighting and LED wall, this is Forest Home’s most technologically advanced location.


The Forest Home childrens program was established many years ago, they have always met in an outdoor venue.  We did a major renovation at this venue in 2019 and will continue to use this amazing outdoor space.


Family Camp

All meals at Family Camp will be outdoors.  We built a beautiful outdoor patio space in front of the dining hall for you to enjoy eating with your family outside.

  • All meal times have been extended from 60 minutes to 90 minute to provide less congestion while eating and in food lines.
  • All tables and surfaces will be sanitized between use
  • Food will be served cafeteria style for improved safety
  • Umbrellas provided for shade


All meals will be outdoors. The Lakeview patio has been expanded to facilitate 600 guests and Creekside outdoor dining can facilitate 300 guests.

  • All meal times have been extended from 60 minutes to 90 minute to provide less congestion while eating and in food lines.
  • All tables and surfaces will be sanitized between use
  • Food will be served cafeteria style for improved safety
  • Umbrellas provided for shade


Children’s Camp has an outdoor permanent steel structure dining canopy.  This roofed, open-walled structure is nestled in the woods and has plenty of seating for the entire program.

  • All tables and surfaces will be sanitized between use
  • Food will be served cafeteria style for improved safety


Family Camp

Families are assigned to cabins and all of our Family Camp cabins have front doors that lead directly outdoors, we do not have any hotel-style hallways.

  • A professional cleaning company will clean and sanitize cabins between use
  • We do not anticipate state guidelines restricting family housings as families are housed together as a family unit

Youth and Children

We are housing our youth and children’s campers throughout the summer with additional sanitization and social distancing measures in place.

  • As safety is our highest priority, this section will be updated if new/additional information becomes available.


Recreation has previously been outdoors and will continue to be so.  All the favorite activities of zipling, blobbing, slides, swinging, and more will continue to operate.

  • All equipment to by sanitized in-between use


All retail locations will be opened using outdoor ordering kiosks.

  • Order and Pick up food outdoors
  • Additional seating areas added next to retail locations
  • Craft Cabin will be open with an outdoor kiosk

First Aid Protocols

All of our health procedures are reviewed and approved yearly by a physician.  This year all protocols have been reviewed and revised for covid compliance.

We will continue to have isolation cabins for guests and staff set aside weekly.


We have always required wellness checks before campers can come to camp.  This summer we will require these checks to happen at home and if applicable at the church prior to departure to camp.  Any campers showing covid-like symptoms before departing for camp will not be able to attend camp that week.  We will gladly refund or reschedule for these unfortunate occurrences.


New protocols for staff have been implemented to ensure their safety and the safety of guests as well.

  • Staff will be asked to provide a negative covid test prior to arrival and self-quarantine after the test and before their first day
  • Any staff showing a covid-like symptom will be asked to return home until a specific waiting period is complete
  • If it is not feasible for staff to return home, isolation cabins have been set aside quarantine in
  • Staff that work indoors will be required to wear a mask


Family Camp

Any needed announcements will be made at gatherings.


Youth and Children

A new app (iPhone and Android) has been developed to better connect parents to their camper’s experience. This app will provide daily updates on camp activities, photos, and a way from you to write campers and them to write you back!

  • Campers can write emails and draw pictures that are scanned and sent to parents
  • Camp Directors to provide health updates every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Daily Updates on Program activities
  • Lots and lots of photos

All Camps

If we are informed that a camper has tested positive for covid-19 after their week of camp, we will be following CDC communication protocols for contact tracing.

Mask and Vaccine Policies


Forest Home will not require vaccination or proof of vaccination for staff or guests.


With the entirety of camp being outdoors, masks will be optional for our guests.  This is in compliance with all of our county ordinances.  Staff that have responsibilities indoors will be required to wear a mask.

Family Camp Childcare Assistant Program (CCA)

Our Childcare Assistant (CCA) Program is a staple of our Family Camp, and one of the key features that makes it amazing.  We will continue to have this amazing program with the following change. CCAs will only be able to enter your cabin for bedtime activities, all other activities will be held outdoors.

This policy is for all Family Campers that are assigned a CCA.  Family Campers have always been allowed to bring their own CCA. If your niece, family friend, or other trusted individual joins our CCA program, you can determine how much time your CCA spends inside your cabin.

Family Camp Chipmunk Corner (Nursery)

Our Chipmunk Corner Nursery is exclusively available to Family Camp families with children 0-4 years old.

  • Parents will drop their children off outside to a staff member on our Chipmunk Corner patio
  • Children will use the indoor facilities and their private outdoor playground
  • This program will be run in full compliance of California’s Day Care covid protocols



Health and Safety Top Ten