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Family Camp Rebooking How To Guide

Click on the link provided in your email.



Select your desired housing and number of guest in each age range and click Continue:


Use the email address that we emailed you at. If you have forgotten your password, please select the button for forgot password and a verification code will be sent to you within seconds for you to reset your password. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.


Once you sign in you will be directed to the following screen. Please click on “enter attendee information” next to the red exclamation point to the select the name of the person you are registering.


Once you click on “enter attendee information” you can select the attendee from the drop down arrow


You will follow through the steps and repeat for each individual. Once you have completed the steps for each of your family members you will be taken to the checkout screen. If everything is complete, click the checkout button.
fcrebookguide6 Read over the Legal Terms and Conditions carefully. Once you read them select “I agree to the terms and conditions above”, sign your name and select Continue to make your deposit.
You are now registered!!!