h4th_oct16apgI am overwhelmed with the goodness of God as I reflect on the amazing work He did this summer.  26,500 guests came to Forest Home the past few months.  We witnessed 1,037 children and youth place their faith in Jesus, 2,895 make decisions to return to Christ and be His ambassadors in this generation, and in Forest Home’s Neighborhood Day Camps, the Gospel message went off the mountain into neighborhoods and local churches reaching 1,763 additional children. We praise God for so many changed lives!  Following this move of God’s spirit, I felt led to engage our entire staff and board to consecrate themselves in one week of prayer and fasting for revival in this generation and for greater vision for the ministry of Forest Home. It was a monumental week as we yielded the power of prayer. During this fast the Lord reminded me of Daniel.  In exile, he faced a secular culture that set its face against the very authority of God.  Sound familiar?  Daniel pleads for mercy with “fasting and sackcloth and ashes” and prays for God to turn his anger and wrath away from Jerusalem (Daniel 9:3,16).  God answers immediately with a message from Gabriel. I love his next prayer to the Lord, “make your face shine upon your sanctuary” (Daniel 9:17).  Is this not our same plea?  For God to illuminate the darkness that surrounds us with the light of His presence. A cry for God to bless the Church and to open a door that no one can shut for great fruit in our local churches and ministries around the world. I’m thankful for Daniel who believed in the power of prayer, and with faith, knelt alone pleading for God to work powerfully. I found a letter from Moody Bible Institute about our founder Henrietta Mears.  The letter shares “When Miss Mears arrived on the grounds she called a prayer meeting of the faculty in her own living room. We had already sensed the presence of the Lord on the grounds, but when she prayed, she lifted us all into the very presence of God. There was a surge of urgency concerning the Kingdom’s business. Our hearts were thrilled, they were touched; yes, they reached the bursting point.”

I’m also thankful for a founder who believed in the power of prayer.

As God declares through James, “you do not have, because you do not ask.”  I believe God is calling for us to seek Him with urgency and to consecrate ourselves to Him.

Lord, may millions experience the hope of Your presence and place their faith in Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit in this generation.

In Christ,