We are so sorry you lost your item at camp, we want to work with you to do everything we can to get it back to you as efficiently as possible.

Forest Home has a streamlined process to ensure the best chance of returning an item.  We recognize that some items are critical to return as soon as possible.

If you misplaced your wallet, phone, or keys, please call our main line at 909-389-2300.  As soon as one of these items are found, they are turned into our receptionist so she can have the most accurate and updated number.

If you have misplaced any other item, such as clothing, backpacks, etc, we ask you you fill out the form below. We collect lost and found items throughout the week and organize them every Wednesday morning.

If you have filled out a Lost and Found form and submit it prior to Wednesday morning we will search all items for your item.  All found items have a minimum of $20 shipping and handling fee, once your item is found we will call you for credit card information and mail it that day.

We store all lost items for only 2 weeks, after that all clothing items are donated.