We were not sure what to expect when returning to camp this year. But God blessed us with a great-sized group of high school girls that attended both before, and now again, after the pandemic.

We were so encouraged to see how engaged the girls were in worship, and how much they jumped into scripture during their time at camp. The pandemic has put such a damper on any sort of gathering, so returning back to camp for these girls was like a breath of fresh air! Some of our girls brought journals that they had kept from their time at camp two years ago! They pulled out their journals and shared with one another what they wrote back then, and talked about how thankful they were to be back at camp after such a long time away. Camp helped these young women talk through the difficulties of sharing their faith in everyday life, and how the community and body of Christ helped solidify their desire to be a light for Christ in this dark world.

The most impactful take-home idea for them was:

  • The idea of evangelizing to your whole high school is scary – it’s hard because Christians are being canceled all the time. But they realized they don’t have to tackle the whole school – it starts with one conversation and one authentic relationship.

Seeing how much these girls have grown was such a substantial reminder for our leaders about how important and impactful camp is in the lives of high school students. Our girls left winter camp in a much better place than we have ever seen them. We are so thankful for Forest Home and this wonderful Camp experience.

-High School Ministry Leader