I was recently asked, “What is the purpose of camp, and why is it so important?” Camp is a powerful place. It is a place where we can get away from the normal cadence of everyday life “down the hill”. It is also a place that eliminates so many modern distractions that we find ourselves dealing with, and being away from our day to day schedule, free of distractions, and in a place filled with God’s wonderful creation allows us to focus more fully on Him. It allows us to really set our hearts and minds on growing closer to our Savior. Camp is a powerful place where real life change happens. That change can be as small as a high schooler deciding to be kinder to their siblings, or it can be as big as a 3rd grader accepting Christ as their Savior for the first time. Camp can be the difference maker in a marriage, and it can be the difference maker in sharing the Gospel with others. Each year we get to see so many people make decisions to come to Christ and grow closer to Him, and it never gets old seeing God work so faithfully.


Having been a camper, a seasonal staff member, and a full-time employee, I can truly say that camp is a place that has affected me greatly and I would not be the man I am today, or the follower of Christ that I am today if it were not for the powerful ways in which God works through camp ministry at Forest Home. I pray that for all who read this, your faith may grow, and your hearts may be inspired by the work you have seen or heard God do through Forest Home and camping ministry.