Children’s Winter Camp: We had a camper who shared that her mom had died of an overdose about a year ago. She shared with her counselors and our staff member that she was struggling with God being fair and good. After attending the Life’s Unfair breakout group, she was encouraging campers by saying that she found joy in her situation and can see God’s blessings more clearly. She was encouraging her fellow cabin mates by saying, “if Jesus got me through my hard times, He can for sure get you through yours!”

Youth Winter Camp: We had a church that brought a large group of female campers varying in age. Leading up to camp, these girls have always been pretty strongly sectioned off by their grade and age – and they didn’t mix a lot between their age groups. Their youth leader really prayed about how to get their group to mesh and connect with other girls outside of their grade. She really felt strongly that she should mix all the girls all up in cabins so that they are getting to know other girls outside of their grade. She was obedient and mixed them up. The girls were unhappy, but their leader challenged them to think about community and trust that this is what the Lord has in store for the weekend. By the end of the weekend, these girls had rich cabin times and new friendships. They have seen the unity and community that can come from making and being real with new friends and leaning into their youth group around them.