It is awe-inspiring to recall the ways God moved this summer to draw men, women, youth and children nearer to Him!

This summer…

  • 11,290 men, women, youth and children were reached with the Gospel through a Forest Home program
  • 931 campers made first time decisions for Christ
    • On the mountain: 378 men, women, youth and children
    • Through Neighborhood Day Camps: 553 youth and children
  • 3,410 made other impactful decisions for Christ
    • On the mountain: 3,020 men, women, youth and children
    • Through Neighborhood Day Camps: 390 youth and children
  • 2,516 camperships have been awarded in 2018

Together, many prayer warriors, generous donors, volunteers, youth leaders, families and staff have been used by God to change lives through the power of the Gospel! Thank you for letting God use you.

Looking back upon summer activities, we remember the key verse of the summer, Romans 5:3-4, encouraging us to rejoice in sufferings which leads to perseverance, endurance, character and hope. There are two approaches one could take in suffering – dread or celebration. Which one makes more sense to you? Majority rules on the first. However, we’re instructed to choose the latter and are told that growth will come when we rejoice in sufferings.
This is a lesson which campers were immersed in through summer programs, learning that no matter where you’re at now you will face trials and you must choose how you will respond through difficulties.

As this lesson was being planted in the hearts of campers, Forest Home as a whole was confronted with it as well. When the Valley Fire started, Forest Home staff were forced to choose a response: to grumble or to rejoice. How could one rejoice over a fire? Well, you helped. Throughout the unknown circumstances, you sent messages letting us know of your prayers for protection over camp as we awaited updates and direction from county officials. We began to rejoice in God’s timing that youth camps had ended so 4 out of 5 camp centers were empty with those campers safe. Weekend campers had not yet arrived and all that remained were family campers to safely evacuate. As we prayerfully waited for updates, your prayers and messages kept us going as perseverance and hope rose. When the all-clear was given, camp re-opened for over 350 family campers and during that week, 77 campers made impactful life decisions for Christ!

Looking back, it was one short weekend when all of this took place, yet the lesson and impact is eternal. When plans seem thwarted – choose your response wisely for the Lord is good and He will see you through it as you grow through the unexpected.